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Ombre French Manicure

Ooh La Trend: Neutral French Manicure With A Twist | SkinOwl Blog

GEL NAIL tutorial. Uses normal nail polish and NO UV light. I foresee I trip to Sally's Beauty Supply soon...

DIY Gel Nails (No UV light)

Why have I never known this before

Mermaid nails

Make-up technique.

$2 for a mouthguard, <$0.5 cents for H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) & Baking Soda. 20 min a day x 2 weeks. And after getting those Sparkly toofies, you will thank me for saving you $750. Or maybe even more.

Grey black

Halloween makeup(:

quick and easy scarecrow. good for a last minute costume

eyebrows no's and yes!!

~ooo la la~

This is not a step you skip ever LADIES

old hollywood glamour hair and makeup

Old Hollywood Glamour- Love this look!

Old Hollywood glamour makeup

TOOLS: Scotch tape, liquid liner {I used this Stila liner on Carissa above} STEP ONE: After already lining the lashline with your liquid liner, place the tape by lining it up from the outside corner of your eye towards the end of your brow. To be precise, imagine the brow extended by a centimeter and have that point become where you end the tape.


Kouturekiss - Mastering Winged Eye Liner & Spicing It Up

Dramatic cat eye

Previous pinner said: A few months ago I stopped using facewash. I use a scrub of baking soda and coconut oil every few days. On the days in between, just coconut oil. I use tiny amounts - a pinch of soda, and a bit of coconut oil the size of a pencil eraser. Wash in gentle, circular motions and rinse very well. Your face may seem oily afterward, but within a few minutes the oil is absorbed and your skin is glowing. My face used to break out regularly. Now, almost never!

This stuff is amazing!!! I sell it at work, but I was a believer long before then. I had gel nails for about 3 years, and by the time I decided to get rid of them, my natural nails were in ROUGH SHAPE, to say the least. My mom bought me a bottle of Nail Envy by OPI, and I followed the instructions (two coats, then every second day, add one more coat. At the end of the week, remove it all and start again with two coats). Before the bottle was up, my brittle, dry, and peeling nails were st...

Painting Rainbows: Nail Envy - Progress and Review

Vitamin E - The Dream Eye Cream!

Learn how to contour your nose. Life changing I tell ya!

OPI you callin' me a lyre? Perfect nails & color!

fashion pink