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Homemade salves, balms and herbal ointments. .

Calendula-infused oils are an excellent way to utilize all of the powerful healing properties that are contained within the plant. It promotes the regeneration of new tissue, and provides soothing relief for damaged or injured skin when used in lotions, creams, and salves. Here's how....

Harvesting, Preserving, and Infusing Calendula Flowers

How to make a Calendula oil infusion-I use in my handmade soap-a healing oil

How to make a Calendula oil infusion
  • Michelle Baize

    How do you make soap from oil? Never made it before but sounds interetesting!

Violet Leaf Lip Balm - Photo by Jan Berry (

The Craft Hub: Violet Leaf Lip Balm - Hobby Farms

How to Make an All-Natural Antiseptic Ointment

  • Pamela Rachelle

    ...or, you know, just buy Tea Tree Oil. It's actually a natural antiseptic, no mixing or extra oils required. (although Lavender Oil is excellent for healing burns w/out scarring).

How To Make A Miracle Skin Healing Balm. This miracle skin healing balm is capable of healing eczema, psoriasis, thrush, inflammation, itching, cuts, bruises, bug bites and stings, burns and rashes.

How To Make A Miracle Skin Healing Balm Tutorial

[ DIY Skin Salve - Sandalwood and Rose ] Using Jojoba oil, beeswax, sandalwood essential oil, rose geranium essential oil. ~ from the Monterey Bay Spice Company recipe archives.

Recipe - Sandalwood and Rose Skin Salve ~ from MB Spice Co

How to Make Healing Plantain Salve to Treat Skin Irritations. Plantain leaves are used for rashes, cuts, bruises, bug bites, diaper rash and itchy skin. It is healing, controls bleeding and fights bacterial infections.

Differences in herbal preparations explained. Salves are made by decocting herbs in oils, straining the physical herbs out, then adding beeswax to the herbal oil and letting the mixture cool. Salves are used as lip balms or healing ointments on wounded skin.

Different Kinds Of Herbal Preparations Explained

Home made medicine from herbs