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Remember when...

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vtg 80s CARE BEARS board game PARKER BROTHERS #135 complete 1983 on the path

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1980 Barbie doll she had tan lines! i had this one!

Had this, loved it. Best 10th birthday present ever: 80's Sharp boombox cassette player

Jelly shoes were cute but beyond that, absolutely horrible! Horribly uncomfortable, they made your feet sweat, they got dirty very quickly and they stunk! But... they were "so cool!" Haha!

The 80s Photo: jellie shoes

stuffed monkey


I loved watching Wonder Woman! #TV #70s

Who was the Sexiest Old School Actress????

T-Shirt Clips

Jem & The of my favorite shows (cartoons) in the 80s.


You were a kid in the 90s if... getting the original walkman was one of the best days of your life.

80's toys - Bing Images

The simpler days…

until you ran over your fingers...


Only the Baby Boomers would remember --- the "it" doll from the 1960s.

@Jill Meyers Gill This one is for you John Schneider

I almost forgot all about these ... loved them!

Loved this game!

Citrus Orange, Orange Spices, Carlee Boards, Orange Crushes, Old School, Luv Orange, D Orange, Orange Hues, Orange Phones

Barbie and the Rockers - had them!

I remember doing these! So fun!

Popples! I had these!

How true this is! I had shoeboxes full!