Map activity backyard safari! Great to practice map reading skills

Backyard Safari and Map Activity - No Time For Flash Cards

Earthworm Science Experiment - Set up an easy experiment to test the preferences of earthworms. Several experiment ideas are listed.

Easy Earthworm Science Experiment - Inspiration Laboratories

The World's Largest Firework Is Huuuuuge! (And Beautiful)


Nyla's Crafty Teaching: Parts of a Flower Activities

Toothpick balance trick

Toothpick Balance Trick

Mommy Summer Camp Week 5 - Space Activities - Play 2 Learn with Sarah

What If Animals Were Round? It Would Be Pretty Hilarious

Great Experiments for a Science Party | Science Sparks

Great Experiments for a Science Party | Science Sparks

An excellent tutorial for helping children to build ribbons of colored icicles that look like blown glass! If you live where the weather gets cold enough, this experiment is a must.

Creating Colorful Icicles - Housing a Forest

Make super fast sorbet in seconds with two Ziploc® bags. Pour fruit puree in one bag, seal it, and shake it in another bag with ice and salt.

Solar Experiments for Kids: Think Like a Scientist

The Educators' Spin On It: Solar Science Experiments for Kids

Make a tornado from your fan - that even rotates!!

Hands on Science: the nervous system, great idea to use play dough to make a model of the cell

How to make a brain cell model - Adventures in Mommydom

Real spiderwebs... This is a great way to take a close look at spiderwebs.

And here's the DIY on the "Shelfponics" aquaponics system. I have the shelf, all I need is lights for the top. I wonder if I could put more plants on there...

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