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Lotus ceiling in Tanjore Palace - India

Baby giraffe OH. MY. GOSH.

Reconstructive Surgery // Melting by *Demachic on deviantART

Princess Diana's Sapphire and Pearl Necklace. The Queen Mother gave Diana a sapphire and diamond brooch for a wedding present. Since Diana didn't wear brooches frequently, she had it made into the centerpiece of a 7 strand pearl necklace. This is my favorite of all the jewelry Diana owned.

This adorable vintage Cowboy Valentine image is wonderful! He could be used for so many cool scrapbook or crafting projects. I PhotoShopped him a bit to clean up some imperfections and then upped the resolution to 200 dpi. Enjoy!

If you french braid the sides, but only pick up from the bottom (closest to your neckline) thats how you create the famous Lace Braid!

breakfast at tiffanys

Jimi Hendrix Street Art

Grand Canyon Sunset