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Julia Burns
Julia Burns
Julia Burns

Julia Burns

Basic requirement. May explain why I am so unbelievably single.

Whoa. Meta.

This is an argument for better schools, period.

  • Melissa Elgersma

    This is offensive to me as an anthropology major AND as a supporter of human rights. I'm also concerned that I haven't been emailed the gay agenda. Is there a gay PowerPoint as well?

  • Erin Hamm

    No way...

  • Amanda Varvar

    hahahahah omg this cannot be real?

  • Sarah Perkins

    I saw (somewhere on the internet once) the full editorial: it was satire, along the lines of "A Modest Proposal." It was written to show the ridiculousness of hatred, especially towards the GLTB community.

  • Miranda Horton

    I just lost all faith in humanity.

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Very few things irk me more.

  • Mark Oberg

    This reminds me of a situation I ran into last year. Someone repeatedly parked their car across two disabled-only spots at a club I used to go to. I finally got fed up seeing it, so I reported it to the police. Turns out the guy was an elected official and a few other things in the area, so the cop refused to ticket him and, instead, started giving me a hard time about why I cared about it (for the record, I am disabled and I have the appropriate placard). Well, the thing ended up in court after the owner of the car saw me taking photos of his parking job and objected that I "don't know who he is". He was arrested after he assaulted me while attempting to make me see how very important he was and that the rules didn't apply to him. Sadly, after several trips to the courthouse over 8 months or so, he was acquitted of all the charges after he convinced a judge, in a sealed courtroom, that he was (I guess) much too important to be subject to the law. Justice.

  • beni vega

    @Mark Oberg: If there ever was a place where you could point out this dufus this would be the place. Who was it? And please don't take the higher road, its been done way too much in these sort of cases.

  • Mark Oberg

    @beni vega The high road is the only one open to me at this point. I leave it up to you to decide what is and is not interesting to you. I probably should repeat that the individual in my case had all 5 felony charges dismissed by the court and that I have no interest in reliving the past or saying anything other than what a very esteemed pubic servant Mr. Joseph Morra is, in my opinion these days. I would not even think about disparaging Constable Morra, who a local judge, in the very same courthouse he has worked from for over 15 years, deemed in his own highly esteemed judgement to be completely innocent of all charges involved in this case. Our local news media here in New Bedford and Fairhaven, MA did publish a few articles on the incident back in July 2011, which are all moot at this point in time, as all charges were dismissed. 'Nuff said?

  • Luis London

    This should read: Parking for a**holes

  • Campbell

    I wonder if any one would park there after the car that was parked horribly left

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The Avengers' Day Off

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I need this book.

There, now I've improved on the Gene pool.

"Cee Lo, Sweet Chariot..."

I actually prefer his old look.

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For shits and giggles. But with friends like these, who needs enemas?