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Mannequins: Rootstein

We sell used Rootstein mannequins that we acquire from musuems and retail stores. This board has photos of vintage Rootsteins that we have had, currently have (prices are listed) or wish we had. If you have a vintage Rootstein you would like to have included, send us the photo. If you want to be added to our wishlist to be notified when we receive a shipment of vintage Rootstein's that we are selling, drop us an email

vintage Joan Collins mannequin

Rootstein mannequin before and after, June 2014

This Rootstein mannequin was one of many that we had for sale last year

one of the many used Rootstein mannequins we sold last year


what a shame that her glass eyes were painted over by the musuem where we bought her from

A Rootstein Display Mannequin Model with his mannequin!

Toukie Smith and Sayoko Rootstein Mannequins. Toukie's mannequins once filled every window at Bloomingdales New York flagshiip store.

Leading Lady Lines Rootstein Mannequin on the steps of Midland Antiques market in Indinapolis, Indiana

Now I know what Rootstein mannequins are so expensive AND so realistic looking. Stretch your visual merchandising budget with Used Rootstein Mannequins like the ones we get from time to time at Mannequin Madness

Joan Collins

WHY DON'T YOU ...: with bigger dolls?

Rootstein Manequins

Rootstein Molds for faces

How to Determine the Value of a Vintage Mannequin

Rootstein Cher Mannequin

Rootstein mannequin

Rootstein mannequin we have this mannequin for sale at www.MannequinMadn...

Rootstein Mannequin

  • Lisa Weinman

    Hi-- I stumbled here since starting my board "mannequin"-- I learned a LOT from you. I had never heard of Rootstein until now. Pinterest has introduced me to many things. Happy 2014.. now to check out more of your boards....