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Manuela Massei

Manuela Massei

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Remembering Boston.

  • Jann Burch

    there are so many compassionate people in our world, un sung heros all around. :))

  • Empire Business Developers

    We learn by helping one another.

  • Frederique Heavrin

    There are still many good people in this world.

  • Jim Murphy

    "Boston Strong", caring for each other helped to us to: unite, support & heal.

  • Lynn Petronella

    as someone who ran Boston in 1978 and knows Bill Rogers and Joan Benoit, I feel for the city, the runners, the people who love this race, this city and this sport, it's a shame our way of life is under attack and the innocent suffer....Best to all and for all those who helped or were injured God Bless you and your families

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  • Christa Marie

    I haven't read the book. From what I understand it wasn't even finished. So you aee probably right. However, I can neither confirm nor deny this as fact or fiction.

  • Tina Bermudez

    I don't really care who wrote it, I loved it. ;) ha ha ha

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