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A parmesan cheese lid fits a regular mouth Mason jar perfectly...

Weight loss journal This has inspired me to make my own weight loss journal.

Dorm DIY Ideas / Binder Clips: A perfect unexpected use. Must remember... ❤ liked on Polyvore

Just some useful life-hacks

re-set printer cartridge. I just tried this and it didn't work at first TIP: hold the button down and count to like 10 (at least that's what finally worked with mine) I thought maybe my printer was just too old because I couldn't find an actual button, I decided to hold the black dots that may have been the button each for 10 seconds and stuck the cartridge back in and it worked :)

Planner & diary by Erin Rippy. DIY organizing. Family daily schedule, calendar & To-Do's. Free printable worksheets & templates.

Glass bottles repurposed as bracelet storage/display #closet #DIY #dressing_room #jewelry #organization

Cut a section of a long sleeve shirt and use fabric glue to hold lace in place. Stitch in various places around the lace, and wash inside out // hang to dry!

DIY Entry Table when you don't have a lot of room...(plus other cute ideas)

23 - There are lots of fun ideas for a play on words for gifts, cards, etc. Use a play on words as a title of a layout.

An Easy, Fast and Stress Free Way to Clean Paint from Windows!

Plastic cling wrap instead of taping everything when painting- so much easier!

The Short cut way to repaint kitchen cabinets with no sanding,stripping, or even removing the doors! Plus a lot of cute furniture re-dos.

Update You Vents With Spray Paint

..Extremely easy how to strip and restrain how-to..

painting over laminate furniture, White oil based Zinsser primer. This is it! (You can also use the Zinsser oil based shellac in the red can too.) I roll mine on with a foam roller for speedy coverage, then follow it up with a brush to keep it all even.

Entire page of mess-free painting tips!@jen Langman cool

how to make mercury glass vase; DIY mercury glass decor

Website for calculating what time you should go to bed depending on what time you have to get up. It's not based on how many hours of sleep you need but rather where in the cycle you would wake up. Waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle leaves you feeling tired and groggy, but waking up in between cycles lets you wake up feeling refreshed and alert!

Wooden crate for blankets. You can get these at Michaels for cheapo, then stain and add handles. - good use for those 40% off coupons

Step-by-step tips and secrets the pros use to get that custom crown molding look. Any DIYer can do this!

How to repaint furniture without sanding...I'm filing this away!

DIY Craft Table; two $15 Walmart bookshelves and sheet of cabinet grade plywood.