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The Kiosk of Trajan at Philae Temple, on Agilkia Island, Egypt

The Gayer-Anderson Cat" is an Ancient Egyptian statue of a cat made out of bronze, f664-332 BC. the British Museum.The statue is a representation of the cat-goddess Bastet.

king tut's wife ankhesenamun -


Ibis-headed Thoth with human body, Dyn.18

Ancient Egyptian/w/ Libyan desert glass scarab

Akhenaten with child, Egyptian Museum, Amarna, Cairo, Egypt

Spouted Bowl, c. 3573-2454 BC Egypt, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, 2573-2454 BCE

Egyptian glass jar. Part of the so-called Trasure of Aliseda.

Mummy of Pharaoh Seti I - Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

A colossal statue of red granite (5.4 m) representing the god Hapi, which decorated the temple of Heracleion. The god of the flooding of the Nile, symbol of abundance and fertility, has never before been discovered at such a large scale, which points to his importance for the Canopic region.