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Red, White 'n' Blue Salad - i've been making this for years. i make it in a 9x13 glass pan and put tons of blueberries in the blue jell-o and tons or raspberries in the red (i use sugar-free cherry) jell-o. it's fun, pretty and yummy,

TO-DIE-FOR CREAM CHEESE CHICKEN ENCHILADAS - i never made enchiladas before. YUMM! i should've used a larger baking dish and spread the enchildas out a little more. i think it would've been better w/a little more enchilda sauce in the pan & poured on top - i would get another can so i could do that. i forgot to cover it w/foil initially & then hesitated when my daughter told me so. i wouldn't cover it next time - all that it did was stick to the cheese. it was easy & presented beautifully.

Recipe: Blue-Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies | Mrs. Fields Secrets - these are THE ABSOLUTE BEST chocolate chip cookies i've ever had. i've been baking them for years. i follow it exactly, except that the recipe i have (from yrs ago) says to bake them for 22-24 mins. i bake two cookie sheets at a time, and i switch them around in the oven 1/2 way through (at 11 mins) so what starts on the higher shelf ends up on the lower shelf. i do that with all my cookies -- they bake more evenly.

Anne’s Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake - another family favorite. tried and true! absolutely delicious and easy. my bundt pan isn't the fancy one that makes it look like the picture, tastes the same! we often take it with us on road trips as it doesn't require refrigeration and it works no matter the time of day or night when someone is hungry!

Gooey Cookies & Cream Double Chocolate Bars - a hit w/the chocolate lovers in my life (a little too rich for me). when i make them next, i will not use the foil -- i know some people really like the foil and/or the parchment paper, i'm just not a fan of baking that way. this recipe is super easy!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. You read that right. this was really good w/pretzels. it's pretty sweet -- so the salty thing worked really well...

buffalo chicken bites - really good, but they don't keep very well. so...just make enough to eat without planning for leftovers....

Roasted Brussel Sprouts - as much as we love brussel sprouts, these were a bit heavy. it was the first time i ever made fresh brussel sprouts. we enjoyed them more the first time, but as leftovers they didn't go over so well. maybe just a little too rich?

strawberry jell-o pretzel salad - delicious. it doesn't keep especially well - pretzels get soggy (some mind that more than others). this recipe differs slightly from other pretzel/jell-o salad recipes. as it wasn't crystal clear, i used frozen strawberries in their own sugared juices (from albertson's) and it turned out really well. i liked the pineapple with it. i know other recipes call for fresh strawberries and no pineapple -- either way, this is a yummy side dish!

turkey wrap with cucumber cream cheese- quick, healthy, and easy lunch! Add some jalopenos for some extra flavor, so good! they don't keep especially well, as the tortilla gets mushy -- so just make enough for one day at a time, and i wouldn't make them the night before. my daughter liked taking them for lunch.

Crock Pot Applesauce - super good, and super easy! Bonus: your house will smell amazing, too. >> Yummy! very good. i used granny smith and gala apples. it would be good w/any type/combo of apples you like.

glazed pork chops - these were very good and unbelievably simple. the chops were mighty thick, so they required a little more oven time. next time i might increase the cayenne and garlic by a little -- and i might add onion powder. they didn't require 5 minutes per side to sear them initially. the pan was a pain to clean, biggie. they were even better when we had them the next night as leftovers.

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. i used an 11 x 7 glass pan (because i don't have a 8 x 8 square) which worked perfectly. it is a moist dense yummy cake. i would prefer a bit more frosting, but i usually view the cake as a mode of transportation for the frosting. :) i also ALWAYS add some fresh lemon juice when i make frosting (even for chocolate!) to cut some of the heavy sugary sweetness -- it makes a big difference! this is definitely a keeper!

peanut butter cookie dough brownies!!!!! the peanut butter cookie dough needed more peanut butter than the recipe called for. the m didn't stay in the cookie dough. the cookie dough didn't stay well on top of the brownie - it slid off. they were yummy, though.

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n' Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar...OMG!!!! this was one of the 1st pinterest recipes i made. they were yummy -- but...difficult to cut. thus, they didn't present well. however, i'm not proficient at using parchment paper and i won't use it if i make this again. we couldn't resist trying them while they were warm. we didn't serve them w/ice cream. we used double stuff oreos. definitely a rich treat!

Strawberry_Rhubarb_Baked_French_Toast - this was absolutely delicious! i used french bread (it would also be scrumptious with challah or home-baked bread) and for the milk products i used 1 cup of whole milk and 1 cup of half & half. i didn't know what kefir was, but ended up discovering it at trader joe's after i'd already bought what i needed for the recipe. definitely a keeper!