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More like this: limoncello, sangria and keurig.

Large Ice cubes for pitchers.

Sangria Floats: sparkling red wine (lambrusco) poured over scoops of sorbet (lemon, peach, orange).

Summer Cookout Sangria 1 small carton of raspberries, 1 small carton of strawberries, 1 lime, 2 apples, granny smith and a braeburn, 1 serrano pepper (more if you are daring), 1 bottle of Viognier, 1/2 cup of white grape juice, 1/4 cup of sugar, 1 can of club soda, Mint leaves for garnish

Peppermint Punch: Add peppermint ice cream to ginger ale and Bailey's. Stir with a peppermint stick. Hello Christmas!

White Christmas Sangria

Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider-- in the crock pot. I could not be happier!!!!

Best mimosa uses orange sherbet instead of orange juice!

White Christmas Martini|WHITE CHRISTMAS DREAM (1 glass) 1 oz. amaretto 1 oz. cream 1 oz. vodka Rim with Christmas sprinkles and add nutmeg to garnish

Super easy to make and tastes really great but I would suggest either adding more alcohol or reducing the amount of juices as this makes a pretty wimpy drink.

FINALLY! apple cider sangria for Thanksgiving 1 bottle (standard size) of pinot grigio 2 1/2 cups fresh apple cider 1 cup club soda 1/2 cup ginger brandy 3 honey crisp apples, chopped 3 pears, chopped directions: Combine all ingredients together and stir, stir, stir. Refrigerate for an hour or so (or longer!) before serving.

Will have to try this in the fall around a campfire!! HOT CARAMEL APPLE CIDER {for grown ups)}-- 4 mug’s worth of Apple Cider, 1 mug’s worth of Caramel Vodka, 1 tablespoon Cinnamon, 1/4 cup Brown Sugar

limoncello gin cocktail with thyme.

Freeze water balloons as a festive way to keep drinks cold for a party.

Instant Margaritas (tequila poured over lime sorbet with a salted glass rim)

I have been looking for this recipe EVERYWHERE!!! Bomb Pops!! 2 oz Bacardi Razz rum, 2 oz lemonade, 2 oz Blue Curacao. It tastes just like the popsicle! These are bangin' and they taste phenomenal - be careful though - they go down like punch

Diced strawberries, Sprite and ice - refreshing on a hot summer day!

Easy Iced Tea from Your Kuerig | The Good Life: DiY

diced strawberries, Sprite and ice - refreshing on a hot summer day!!

Wine Smoothie! A bag of frozen fruit and blend it with 1 cup of white wine, great for a hot summer day

summer sangria with raspberries, apples & strawberries