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This is the color I'm painting my room. I think it will be light enough to make it look bigger (I have a small room) but it's not overly bright. I'm doing a western kind of theme. Like it?

Gorgeous. The floors. The colors. The accent island

picture display - like the mix of black/white & color pictures

Patterned ceiling. Wow, wow, WOW. I love this. What a fun thing to do in a small bathroom or laundry room!

DIY Dining room table with 2x8 boards (4.75 each for $31.00) from Lowes This is the coolest website!!! If you love Pottery Barn but can't spend the money, this website will give you tons of inspiration.

It's an island. It's a breakfast nook. It's totally in my dream kitchen.

turqoise cabinets