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My ancestors came over on the Mayflower and I love learning about them and their lives. Here is a sampling of my personal ancestor roots.

Free Class: How Do I Research Before 1837?

How Do I Research Before 1837? |

War of 1812 battle map

Map of the division of the states during the Civil War. Blue represents Union states, including those admitted during the war; light blue represents Union states which permitted slavery (border states); red represents Confederate states. White or unshaded areas were territories before or during the Civil War

Union (American Civil War) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Civil war indicator for family tree.

FREE TO THE PUBLIC - War of 1812 Pension Records

Preserve the Pensions - War of 1812 Pension Digitization Project

Civil Registration versus Church Records - When would your ancestors' births, marriages, and deaths be recorded by the government and when would they be recorded by the church? Join Crista Cowan for an answer to this question. She'll explain some basic differences between civil registration and church records and what you might expect to find in both that will help you learn more about your ancestors and their families.

Abbreviations & Acronyms: A Guide for Family Historians

Abbreviations & Acronyms

Genealogy Rocks! Facial Recognition Software» Larimer County Genealogical Society

Genealogy Rocks! Articles » Larimer County Genealogical Society

Original pinner said: Close up on t-shirt. This would make an awesome gift along with a book or heritage scrapbook paper ( depending on gender of your family genealogist) for any occasion. I do not represent this company in any way, but it did get me thinking about thank you gifts for family members who have helped and genealogy friends I have made over the years of my research. ♥

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THE TOP 90 GENEALOGY BLOGS Posted in Search People by Heather Genealogy can be a fascinating study,..

The Top 90 Genealogy Blogs | Free People Search

People with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor, according to new research.A team of scientists has tracked down a genetic mutation that leads to blue eyes. The mutation occurred between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. Before then, there were no blue eyes."Originally, we all had brown eyes," said Hans Eiberg from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

Pinner says: State genealogy website map - this is a great place to see where you can locate records for each state. And you can check by county or by the type of record. I wrote about it on my blog today.


Diseases, Disasters & Distress: Bad For Your Ancestors, Good For Your Genealogical Research

Finding Information in Unexpected Places| Try looking into some of these unexpected places to find genealogy information. Family Bible. Baby Books. Old Photos.