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The Entertaining House: The Entertaining House Welcomes November!


Nature Blogger - I Love Mother Nature

Stormy weather...

Can you imagine being close enough to that beast to take a picture?

Beautiful Tornadoes Pictures

Lightning strike near the US space shuttle.

Lighting Storm Over Barn by anastasia

Lighting Storm Over Barn

Shocking Bond, Sydney, Australia, by Timothy Poulton, on500px.

@NationalGeoPix: Mount Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan by chaebae1 on Flickr.

Nature is sometimes scary.... Scott City, Kansas - 1996 tornado

Final Destination ~ By Kristian Potoma

Out of This World

Kansas tornado: A ghostly white tornado spins near a house in Kansas.

Lightning - Vergi Port by Chris Mil

This was one of those wow moments! This image was the first shot I captured after setting up the camera. I opened the shutter, then there was a incredible flash and boom! The electrical field here literally made your hair stand up. Did not stay long! With my good friends from Tempest! #stormchasing #lightningphotography #clouds365 #oklahoma #powerful