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Marc Pinter-Krainer

Marc Pinter-Krainer

The first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge - created by award-winning artist Paul Emsley - has been unveiled

Scientists discover fast-moving star near the Milky Way's black hole

Hubble picture shows deepest-ever view of the Universe depicting thousands of galaxies

BlackBerry services down across Europe in latest network outage (coinciding with iPhone 5 launch day)

Since Apple has begun pushing out its new iOS6 operating system to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices on Wednesday, users have voiced concerns in particular about the homegrown maps app which replaces Google Maps

Space shuttle Endeavour commences final journey into retirement

U.S. Presidential Election: Mitt Romney's derisory view of Obama voters casts a cloud over his campaign [VIDEO]

Kate topless photos: Royal lawyers in Paris court seeking to restrict further publication Lawyers of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were due to appear in court in Paris on Monday seeking to have French magazine Closer withdrawn from sale after it printed topless photos of Kate

IBM scientists have managed to image a single molecule in sufficient detail to reveal the structure of individual molecular bonds for the first time

Kate Middleton "hugely saddened" over "grotesque invasion of privacy" as French magazine Closer publishes topless pics

Nintendo has set the pricing and release date for its next-generation games console, the Wii U

Here's the video of Steve Jobs introducing the original iPhone five years ago - a day he "was looking forward to for 2 1/2 years"

Following months of rumors, speculation and sky-high expectation, Apple needs to impress with its iPhone 5 launch

GoDaddy outage takes down thousands of small-business websites

Nokia apologizes for faked Lumia 920 smartphone ad - but here's why you should buy one

Record arctic ice melt makes half of the polar sea ice disappear

Amazon has unveiled three new Kindle Fire HD tablets - here are the details

NASA astronauts make emergency repairs to the International Space Station using a TOOTHBRUSH

McDonald's to open first vegetarian-only restaurant

Internet giant Google is "accruing billions of dollars of antitrust liabilities" - Foundem chief

The Chinese equivalent of Google, the country's dominant search engine Baidu, is looking to fend off smaller competitors by investing in cloud computing and rolling out a mobile browser

Sharp, one of the key suppliers of the screen for Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5, is rumored to have hit "manufacturing difficulties" which may lead to a delay in the new flagship iPhone becoming available