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Preschool Art Ideas

Best Collection Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Mail a hug

Send a Hug | Paging Supermom

Homemade sparkly finger paint recipe, because let's face it, everything is more fun when it sparkles.

Sparkly Finger Paint Recipe ~ Learn Play Imagine

Cutting Table: Shredded paper, tissue paper, string, ribbon, cardboard, plastic and some cutting practice paper. Fine motor skills.

Spice Painting - What An Awesome Sensorial Activity!

Play Create Explore: Search results for spice painting

paper plate crowns


Painting paper in pre-school to use for OTHER projects later!

How to Make Painted Paper

Magic milk painting! Pour a dish of milk (whole milk is apparently the best!) and add a few drops of food coloring. Then dip a toothpick in dish soap and disrupt the surface tension to create beautiful designs!

We Tried It! - Milk Colors - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Homemade foam stamps using foam stickers! I did this this winter with foam snowflake stickers and wooden blocks and the kids LOVED it! I love the idea of using the foam blocks, though - smaller, more lightweight and easier to store!

DIY stamps: Foam counting blocks + Foam stickers | Craft To Art

If you paint the back of craft foam with water they will stick to glass! I can imagine providing shapes specific to seasons and watching this turn into a great storytelling activity!

Foam Window Clings

Bottle collage, combining two and three dimensions and including a good deal of fine motor action (ripping, scrunching, inserting into the bottle) and colors! SO simple but incredibly pretty!

Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone

These prints are made using sliced up okra!

Ice cube painting is one of my FAVORITE art activities because it's such a sensory experience! The ice paints change consistency the longer you play with them! I'm interested in the inclusion of sticks here - I think I prefer it without... less tasting that way! Heehee!

Painting with water! One of those super simple, super entertaining activities you don't always think of! There is almost NO clean up but it's irresistible because it's really just another form of water play!

Bathtub crayons using glycerin, food coloring, and ice cube trays! I could see using these in a water table with just a little water on the bottom!

Making prints using pennies! This could be a fun extension to coin recognition activities!

A Childhood List: 29) Texture Printing

Printing with egg cartons!

Painting fall trees with egg cartons in preschool

Homemade texture brushes for exploring texture in painting!

Exploring magnets by making magnet paintings!

Rockabye Butterfly: Magnet Painting!

Super simply activity for exploring color mixing (with bonus fine-motor workout)!

Playful Learning in the Early Years: Colour Dropping

Tape resist painting with watercolors - a very soothing alternative to using thicker paints, with that cognitive dissonance I love so much built right in!

Rainbow sponge painting for some messy paint play - fairly open ended, and all of the colors will draw kids right in!

Syringe painting! It sounds a little strange, but they swear by this activity in Child Life settings, and I used to play with giant syringes as a little girl when my dad brought them home for us to play with! I think they'd also be a nice addition to a water table. Why not introduce this activity after setting up a dramatic play area with a medical theme?

Printing with potato mashers - an old standard that shouldn't go out of style!

Irresistible Ideas for play based learning