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Really? You pinned that?

Making fun of stuff people love.

The best street style photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week where insanely huge and out of proportion sweats are ALL THE RAGE PEOPLE

Looks like the Senate is back in session.

  • Mary Kindrick

    You guys who pin to this board are some fucked up people. Who cares if this dude wants to wear what he wants to wear? How does it affect your life at all? Are you that insecure about yourself that you have to dedicate your free time to this?

Finally a necklace that let's me hang my favorite Barbie outfits and take them everywhere.

Packing tip #3. Shower cap shoe covers....because everyone owns shower caps. Actually WHO OWNS SHOWER CAPS?

boobie support pillow...because ...oh I give up on writing this caption. JUST LOOK AT THIS PHOTO. done. (drops the mic)

Having your BABY be part of your wedding. Who says we haven't progressed?