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Valais Blacknose sheep from Switzerland

I love Jacob sheep. They are one of God's magnificent creatures. Jacob ram (left) and ewe (right)

flyhoof... adventures in yarn and fibre: Woolfest 2010...

GIF by Oamul Lu, via Behance

Coats of some British and Icelandic sheep breeds: Greyface Dartmoor; Cheviot; Icelandic; Beulah; Cotswold; Welsh Mountain; Suffolk; Southdown; and British Milksheep.

Varmland Forest Sheep

by Ann Balch - who varnishes her watercolours instead of framing under glass.

AUDAZ is knit with Merino wool. In the twelfth century, Spanish royalty began importing rams from the Beni-Merines, members of a Berber tribe in what is now Morocco. The Spanish crossed the rams with their own ewes; the result was a fine-wool sheep like no other. It changed the world of wool profoundly.