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Gallina Sussex

Venta y envío de Pollos y Gallinas de raza

Tolbunt Polish Frizzle

Orpington Crele Legbar


Cream Brabanter Hens - beautiful! Pros: “Great foragers, non-aggressive, non-broody, strikingly beautiful, intelligent, child friendly,hardy. Good layers, good personalities. Cons: Very rare, difficult to find excellent specimens.

Battery chickens are often missing alot of feathers, so people knit them little jumpers to keep them warm until thier feathers grow back.

Community Post: Chickens Wearing Sweaters

Chicken Review - Timeline Photos | Facebook

Anatomical model of chicken with crop highlighted

Chicken Anatomy: The Crop, Impacted Crop & Sour Crop

Chicken Cabbage Tether Ball. Someone else says: "I tried iceberg lettuce once and that lasted all of about 15 minutes. They ate that so fast it made your head spin. Cabbage definitely last a lot longer. Another activity for cooped up hens is to throw black oil sunflower seeds around the coop and let the hens scratch for it. They love them and only get them in the winter when they could use the extra calories to stay warm. It’s also a great way to keep the litter churned.

Chicken Cabbage Tether Ball | HenCam

Chickens! So relaxing I could watch them all day = happiness. #Endeavour College of Natural Health #Pin, Win, Spin, Grin

Sweet Country Life ~ Hey Mom, I Think You Are Confused

Hey Mom, I Think You Are Confused

.teaching the little one

In Detail: MHAD-MHLS122

Well, technically it’s not wrong…

Well, technically it’s not wrong…

playing with the kids

Pretty Cool Pics – Ultimate picture blog

Hen & chick. There's nothing quite like a mother's love and protection