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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact After Birth #birth #skintoskin

7 Benefits Of Skin-to-Skin Contact After Birth

Place objects inside a story bag and have children draw one piece at a time and tell a story.

Keeping safe in the parking lot - always have your kiddo touch the same spot on your car while they're waiting for you to help them in and out of the car.

Encontrar el derecho a utilizar los colores puede hacer o romper un nuevo diseño. Además, el color juega un papel importante en la reacción ...

10 of the best toys and games for preschoolers. I love these ideas for babysitting and for future reference with my own kids

Effort meter--have students evaluate themselves.

Have an empty chart up on the board, and each team gets 4 different colored post-it notes. Write down which color corresponded to which type of sentence on the board for them to refer to. They worked with their team to come up with unique examples of each type of sentence.

Great icebreaker game! I will change instructions for each color into Spanish.

Classroom Jobs Chart Idea...attach description Need to hang lanyards with title nearby so floor sweeper and table washer are easily identified in cafeteria