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Cynthia Del Giudice Eco Necklace Number 2 (fused plastic)

Eco Necklace Number 2 fused plastic by CynthiaDelGiudice on Etsy

Cynthia Del Giudice Eco Necklace Number 2 (fused plastic)

Yang Zhang - 2011 - "Loop 1" - 1500 $ - Silver, cloth waste "I reuse my waste to create jewellery whose form is in loops. Through investigation of my rubbish and social experience, my work expresses that my living conditions and everything around me is in loops. They keep changing and developing by combining and recombining." -

Contemporary New Zealand Jewellery by Yang Zhang

Azumi and David - UK designers collection 2009

spring/summer 2009 | Azumi and David | Fashion and Product Design

Tassia Joannides - “panel stitch bangle” using hand cut panels of bicycle inner tubes. Tassia sees her practice as an investigation of form and how it can interact sensitively with the body, sometimes even as an extension of it. Typically she works with flexible materials which aid this special interaction and inspire her to push the boundaries of 3D soft structures.

Amy Tavern Never Let Me Down, pocket watch detail brass, cursive writing practice paper, handkerchief, cotton thread

Amy Tavern Since 1882, Since 1976 - earrings & ring - stones from the foundation of my childhood home, sterling silver