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ROUGH, RUDE & SAUVAGE ... jewelry

I precise : "rude" in french ! :-) -- for me, rough, "salvage", forged jewelry is a liitle like the "nude makeup" : needs a LOT of work to give the impression of "as it" ....

Luigi Mariani - 2012 - Movements - brooch - silver,niello,patina

Tanya Crane - ring - copper, electroformed, enamel, silver, sterling

Eva Schreuder - bagues - cire perdue doos bovenaf

Rings and Things - Evelyn Markasky

Bracelet | Iona Nieva. Silver 925, acrylic, paper, pencil, ink, watercolor

Lucia Massei, I diritti ed il rovescio, 2012, Necklace, Gold, silver, alluminium, rubin, epaulette

Susanne Forsström

Necklace-Chinese-2000 BC

Contemporary New Zealand Jewellery by Karl Fritsch

Myung Urso

oh, what a world, what a world...: myung urso

Ireland’s Eily O’Connell, a 2008 graduate of the National College of Art and Design, crafts brooches and rings using cast silver, semi preci...

eily o’connell: mistaken identity | Daily Art Muse

ANASTASIA AGGLOPOULOU-GR www.tata-kosmimat... "Something is flying Ι"-paper, paint, fabric, thread (necklace)

Cuff | Jaclyn Davidson. Hand forged weathered carbon steel with 18k gold and 4 diamonds.