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Vintage/antique GARNET jewelry

Garnet as a gemstone had its heyday in Victorian era when other dark "anti-gems" such as pyrite & jet were also popular. Garnets were thought to cure blood disorders or anger. Pyrope is the name of the deep red, orange-red or purplish garnet. Major source of garnet gems from the Renaissance through the Victorian Era were the "Bohemian " pyrope deposits in the vicinity of Trebenice, Czechoslovakia, thus the name Bohemian garnets. (

ring most likely dates to the 18th century and is English or continental. Its flat gold band is decorated with scroll supporters and three small garnets on each side of a large oblong central garnet.

Croix badine en Grenat de Perpignan, milieu du XIXe s.

VICTORIAN 15ct yellow gold and garnet cabochons snake pierced earrings

Thirteen rectangular links set with thirty-one garnets each comprise this wonderful antique, yet geometric, Bohemian garnet bracelet . Base metal

Bohemian Garnet Flexible Bracelet - 40-1-1179 - Lang Antiques