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The Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon, as an older man. Perhaps by Holbein,

  • Natalie Ray

    So this is what the the babe looked like. Hmm, sorry Charlie I much prefer Henry!!

in 1533,King Henry VIII's newborn daughter by Queen Anne Boleyn,Princess Elizabeth,was christened at Greenwich Palace in the Chapel of Observant Friars.This was a lavish ceremony,planned by King Henry and the rest of the palace,although he did not attend the christening.Elizabeth, only three days old at the time,was processed down a long green carpet from the Great Hall in the palace to the Chapel.She was flanked by her Godparents,Thomas Cranmer and the Duchess of Norfolk...

Here we have a 'close stool' at Hampton Court Palace. Groom of the Stool was a high Court position Henry VIII bestowed upon a favored and close friend. The duties of a Groom of the Stool were to empty and clean the close stool, as well as cleaning and drying the Royal derrière. The best known of Henry's Grooms of the Stool was Sir Henry Norris, who was convicted of adultery with Queen Anne Boleyn.

Maria, Queen of Portugal, (and sister to Catherine of Aragon) She was the third surviving daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon (the Catholic monarchs).

A sketch by Holbein thought to be of Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond. Mary was briefly the wife of Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond. Henry was the only acknowledged illegitimate child of King Henry VIII; his mother was Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount. Henry VIII appeared to be grooming his bastard son for the throne of England before his untimely ( and some would say suspicious) death. Mary spent the rest of her life trying to secure her financial rights, as the widow of the King's son.