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The Cullinan VI and VIII Brooch, Garrard & Co, 1911. Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration. Credit line: The Royal Collection (c) 2012, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Via The Jewellery Editor. | cuu du lieu, cap cuu du lieu, phuc hoi du lieu, khoi phuc du lieu, cứu dữ liệu, cấp cứu dữ liệu, phục hồi dữ liệu, khôi phục dữ liệu, cuu du lieu tran sang, cứu dữ liệu trần sang, cong ty cuu du lieu tran sang, công ty cứu dữ liệu trần sang | cuudulieutransang...

24.81 Carat Asscher-cut diamond earrings. The bottom match pair totals at 20.47 total carat weight. Both Diamonds are GIA certified. Above are one carat diamonds each which allow for the bottom diamonds to drop perfectly. All six diamonds are K color VS2 and sit 100 percent top white. An amazing pear of earrings which can not be found anywhere else. Designed by Viggi.

A COLORED DIAMOND AND DIAMOND RING Set with a marquise-cut light brown diamond, weighing approximately 6.27 carats, within a circular-cut diamond navette-shaped surround, mounted in platinum

127.01 carats, The Portuguese Diamond | 67.89 carat, The Victoria-Transvaal Diamond | 263 total carats, The Napoleon Diamond Necklace. #Famous #Diamonds

Portuguese Diamond - Gem Gallery - Smithsonian Institution

Kremlin Diamonds | Famous Collections

Kremlin Diamonds | Famous Collections

PLATINUM AND DIAMOND BRACELET. Larger round diamonds weighing approximately 2.35 carats, remaining round and baguette diamonds weighing a total of approximately 33.00 carats, length 7¼ inches.

Platinum and diamond bracelet | Lot | Sotheby's

Sapphire and Diamond earrings. Made for in the late 18th century and worn by every Russian Empress up until the Russian revolution.

The Nepal Diamond. Pear-shaped diamond, weighing 79.41 metric carats, mounted as a pendant with a diamond chain

Garden Photographer - John Glover

Discovered in South Africa, the Cullinan is the largest diamond ever found. Ultimately it was cut into more than 100 smaller pieces, nine of which belong to the British royal family. At left is a brooch made out of Cullinan III and IV. The pear-shaped diamond is 94.4 carats, while the cushion-shaped one is 63.6 carats.

The 30 Most Famous Jewels In The World

Magnificent De Beers Phenomena Reef necklace with and 8.49 carat pear cut diamond

“Winston Legacy”, a remarkable flawless, colorless pear-shaped diamond weighing more than 101 carats.

Twitter / HarryWinston: Introducing the “Winston ...

A pear-shaped Fancy Dark Yellow-Brown diamond weighing approximately 27.25 carats

Duchess of Windsor, pearls given to her by Queen Mary.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson (Duke and Duchess of Windsor)

Victorian Carved Ivory Hand Brooch

Azva Bridal jewellery | Jewellery | Bigindianwedding

Azva Bridal jewellery | Jewellery | Bigindianwedding

Royal Wedding Crown Gold Tiara Bridal Crown by HopscotchCouture,