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Lean, Sexy, and Hard! Weight Training for Women. - Wellsphere

Flatter Abs in 2 Weeks: Ab Workouts for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels

This is probably the best fitness pin I've found. It goes into detail about the female body, and explains how we should train and diet in order to become lean and fit. I definitely recommend it for any woman looking to start a training regiment. It includes a written 12 week program to follow! I'll be starting it in January, myself. :) - From Claudia

More and more, women muscle their way into bodybuilding

More and more, women muscle their way into bodybuilding

"Ernestine Shepherd 74 Years Young -source This is the ultimate inspiration. This is what I’m working towards til the day I’m 74 and beyond :)" Inspiration to get Fit & Stay Fit ;-)

Rachel McLish from 15 women who could pick YOU up - a photo collection of women bodybuilders

Bodybuilding Women | ... bodybuilders images and pictures from bodybuilding competition winner

"Learn The SECRET To THE Female Bodybuilding Diet To Build SEXY Muscle AND Burn Fat Like A Furnace"... "I Can Show You The EXACT Same Natural Women's Bodybuilding Diet And Workout Secrets I Used That Packed On SOLID Muscle And Sliced Body Fat"... FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Grab These "Female Bodybuilding Insider Lessons" 100% FREE... No Strings Attached!

A perfect example of how sexy bodybuilding for women can be!