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Consonant blends

This website includes many printable worksheets and other materials that go along with blends. Some include books that can be made for each blend, fill in the blanks with the blend for a picture, and brainstorming charts for words with each consonant blend. # Pinterest++ for iPad #

This is a file folder game that children can play to practice initial consonant blends. (bl, br, cl, cr, fl, fr, gr, pl, pr, sk, sl, spr, sw, sk, p... 4 $1.00 # Pinterest++ for iPad #

A Not So Wimpy File Folder Game: Going Buggy for Blends

A collection of 9 stations that help students practice consonant l blends. $3.00 - On sale through 5-8 for 28% off! Use code TAD12. # Pinterest++ for iPad #

24 Page Download - 3 Ways to Play - Soccer balls with onsets (consonant blends, 2 and 3 letter blends) match up to soccer nets ... # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Linda Post The Teachers Post

Blends (consonant r) Word Work Station Pack for Daily 5 - A collection of 9 stations that help students learn and independently practice consonant r blends. This includes a student choice board with files ... # Pinterest++ for iPad #

This packet includes Consonant Blend Bingo and Cookie Puzzles. In both activities the students will practice identifying consonant blends at the beginning of words. # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Super cute little blender sorts and recording sheets for lots of consonant blends! # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Store: Haley-Oconnor -

This activity is for students working on three letter consonant blends. It comes with 16 word cards (with consonant blends: spl, scr, spr, and str... # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Three Letter Consonant Blend Word Sort