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Art Youth Society Batman Gold 14 Carat Gold Ring super cool! @pepelepew

‘Most people when they love each other, they have a problem and they can work it out. They want to work through everything together, they want to be together, and they’re willing to fight to be together. It’s not like they have this story where they’re in love and everything is great every single minute of the day, I dont think that exists. But i do definitely think people meet each other and they want to fight to maintain a relationship for the rest of their lives.’

Print of Audrey Hepburn by Sonic Editions X The Impossible Cool, $189

Print of Frank Sinatra from Sonic Editions X The Impossible Cool, $189

Blue and white striped sweater @pepelepew hint hint

"Console Tables" by merirous on Polyvore

Yoga stretch for poor posture. I gotta remember to do this!

The original Regency romance! Be still my heart! ♥