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HE, who once created the Sea, the Oceans and All the Stars above - that He once would end up dying on cross, saying "I thirst".. I really can't imagine this..


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Akiane Kramarik was eight years old when she painted "The Prince of Peace." from what she said were "visions". Colton Burpo, (Heaven Is For Real) who had never met Akiane, saw the painting for the first time and said, "That's Jesus! that's who I saw in Heaven!" I really don't care what Jesus looks like, all I know is I want to meet him one day ♥

"That is it! That's Jesus!"
  • Christina Key

    Do you think geographicly speaking he could look like this?

  • Mari Alvarez

    Absolutely. Jesus wouldn't have looked like the white, blonde depictions of European painters. Google "a young Benjamin Netanyahu" and look at his pics. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Jesus was born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth. That's the "look" I believe Jesus would have had (except unlike Netanyahu, Jesus maybe would have had a beard and longer hair)

"Walk in like Goliath...and fight like David"~unknown.

"But the Godly are as bold as lions"~Proverbs 28:1

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♥ Lion of Judah/Lamb of God ♥

This would be great for a bedroom :)