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KaThe KruSe AnTiQuE DoLLs

she would not have done this if she had a loveable kathe kruse doll photo courtesy of:Jungle Red Writers: Teddy Bears Picnic

photo of kathe kruse dolls with that oh so hard to find umbrella!

kathe kruse doll I..looks like the little match girl..sweet

My doll sadly sold at auction..Kathe Kruse, a letter from the Kruse factory identifies the doll as Ilsebild, with the name of Leila, made in 1929. VALUE POINTS: All original doll wears floral printed dress, undergarments, apron, shoes, and socks.

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Early Model German Cloth Character by Kathe Kruse in Original Costume 17" (43 cm.) All-cloth doll with pressed and painted facial features,dark brown painted hair with forelock curl,small blue painted eyes with black upper eyeliner and brown eye shadow,accented nostrils of tiny nose,closed mouth with pouting lips,jointed shoulders and disc-jointed hips,separately-sewn thumb. Condition: very good,dent in left cheek. Marks: Kathe Kruse 1189 (feet).

View Catalog Item - Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions