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Powerful Words...

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This is how we parent. And by "I'm sorry", I mean, "you're welcome society."

Your kids watch you for a living. That's why its so important to try your best to be a good role model.

Be A Good Role Model

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Real people just don't care


Just be yourself. Let your heartlight shine, dahlings. They happen to not like it? Let 'em find new friends and/or hobbies. You'll be only doing them and your ownself a favor in your complete honesty. Life's far to precious and valuable to be a fake version of yourself. Shine. It. Own. It. *chomp* X

Its SO hard to remember when going through the trials but looking back its amazing to see how Heavenly Father was working the whole time!

LDS Printables: Trials Make Us Stronger

Impolite as the language might be, its very true-ironic. Wanting things to be better, trying/wanting to help, bringing them out, leaving-they get offended after how they acted, in defense mode, try to justify/blame/hurt you more. People like this are sick cowards when they trash someone/what's most important in their life.

One of the best one-liners from Ricky Gervais

One of the best one-liners from him.

❤... if only every child could grow up in a healthy environment️

#Lies are the number one way to make me not want to speak to you, or to at least not open up... Ever.

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