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Inspiring Asia

Marijn Driessen is international strategist and author of the book Marketing to China's Netizens. This board is a reflection how Asia and its people continue be a source of inspiration. For a preview of the book, visit

'Omotenashi' in Japanese means offering a service without expectation of any returned favor, and the ability to actualize that idea into an action. Similar in meaning to 'hospitality' in English, it however arises from a deeper part of human consciousness. by japanwallpaper #Japan #Omotenashi #japanwallpaper

Goryeo dynasty (918-1392, late-12th century) Korean stoneware bottle with reverse-inlaid decoration of peony leaves under celadon glaze [The Metropolitan Museum of Art].

Wai Wai Magazine - Chinese Lifestyle Magazine - October 4th 2012

The longest traffic jam in the world was created in China on August 14, 2010. The length was 260 kilometers and lasted for more than 10 days.

Enormous white canvases with a bare tree were placed across 132 crosswalks in 15 Chinese cities. As pedestrians crossed their shoe soles were imprinted with a small amount of green paint, leaving behind a trail of leaf-like footprints.

Conrad room view, Central Hong Kong at night. by Simon

China, the view from the ground ... on the country's 200+ million migrant workers.

Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle

River basins :: Wang Yuanling's images of his home town, Chongqing, tell the story not only of that place, but also of daily life across China.

Counterfeit Paradises - Thames Town, intended to live, used as a set for wedding photography mostly.

Counterfeit Paradises series of photos that evoke Chan Koonchung's vision of "The Fat Years"... between a good hell and a counterfeit paradise, which one will you choose?

Swimmers wait for the wave machine to start at a saltwater pool dubbed China's Dead Sea. More than one million visitors are expected at the resort this summer - Sichuan province, China

Shanghai, China. Wow!! Infographic describes Tencent's SNS Qzone photo upload volume and profiles. For a comprehensive guide on China's digital landscape go to www.faceitheguide..., Marketing to China's Netizens.