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Things that make me stop, think, admire, dream, or move. **OMVC= Original Maril Vernon Caption meaning I added my own personal thought or idea to a pin. Please write your own or keep my initials there if you plan to use my idea.**


Gorgeous....the end of another day at the lakehouse, Wisconsin USA

I am enough the way I am... ♥

Always luved riding horses in the twilight by the water!

Fluffy corgi baby. I would like this one. This exact puppy. Right now please.

indian wedding cake - Search

This is Venus, a three year old chimera cat. Chimera cat is one individual organism, but genetically its own fraternal twin. A chimera is typically formed from four parent cells (either two fertilized eggs, or two early embryos that have fused together). When the organism forms, the cells that had already begun to develop in the separate embryos keep their original phenotypes and appearances. This means that the resulting animal is a mixture of tissues and can look like this gorgeous kitty

In the 1730s, a seven-year-old English girl washed up on the shores of West Africa and was adopted by her rescuers. She became the wife of a Prince and started a dynasty that extends into many of today's Xhosa royal families. Due to her recessive gene, now and then a child is born in the area with bright blue eyes. The article that goes along with this photo is also quite interesting