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Woman's Day, May 1974 I turned 9 years old in August '74 and my 9-yo self would have absolutely adored this concept. Most likely I also owned at least 1 dress or pair of pants in either the congoleum or chair pattern.

rock paper scissors lizard spock

I know exactly how this feels. :: A Pair of Pears

you shall not pass

Really glad I don't have carpet anymore, but this would be AWESOME!

A teacher accidentally wore the same outfit twice, so his wife dared him to keep the joke going. He did...for 40 YEARS

23 Adorkable Wedding Rings for Geeks in Love Search my feelings, I will, to find if I could possibly wear such a ring!

23 Adorkable Wedding Rings for Geeks in Love

In a magazine from the 50's...I was born into the wrong time..

Stop repeating yourself.

If this was at all practical I'd for sure get one!

here's looking at you!

Everyone needs a boat dress.. you know, in case of tsunamis and stuff