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Keep your wedding cake forever! Send pictures into this company and they will make an ornament that looks exactly like your cake

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist, won't need this for a while but still,

Beauty and the Beast inspired cake alright that's it must have wedding cake.

Beauty and the Beast Wedding

Beauty & the Beast themed wedding! @Allison j.d.m j.d.m Tepper

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Family Yearbooks: so the pics don't just stay on the computer. I love this!!!

Oh my heavens why did we not think of this before I got married?! It would have made things so much easier, and I probably would have mailed out the thank you's in time too!

Love this!!! For kids attending the wedding. Put one of these on each of their plates with a blank card.. "color a picture for the bride and groom"

One of those gross things you really NEED to know as a parent- How to Clean Up Vomit...1. clean up excess off the affected area. 2. make a paste of BAKING SODA and Water; 3. Take a spatula or spoon and generously spread it onto the affected area. It is almost like frosting a cake, except way less appetizing; 3. Let it dry overnight or until it becomes a powdery consistency again; 4. Vacuum it up!; 5. Repeat if necessary. I wish I'd learned this a long, long time ago!

They say to throw sprinkles instead of rice for weddings - the pictures turn out amazing!

VERY COOL WEBSITE. enter the dimensions of your room and the things you want to put in it... it helps you come up with ways to arrange it.

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