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German Food Recipes

Slow Cooker German Sausage and Sauerkraut in Beer Recipe

Slow Cooker German Sausage and Sauerkraut in Beer | Magic Skillet

German Food Guide - Kohlrabi Nutritional information and food preperation recipes for Kohlrabi. The leaves contain 3x the nutrients as the stem.

Sandra s German Apple Cake from My mother sent me this unusual recipe back in the 70's. I was baking rolls in a health food restaurant at the time. The restaurant wanted me to come up with a dessert for the menu, so I made my mother's recipe using wholewheat flour, turbinado sugar and organic walnuts*. It was an enormous success! You should note there is no liquid in this recipe. The moisture that binds the ingredients comes from the eggs, oil and fresh apple slices. A pretty good e...

Nigella has a particular fondness for German food. "Actually, I am more than fond: I adore it, every maligned bit of it. There is so much more to the cooking of Germany than wurst and sauerkraut, delicious though both are". "The following recipe is inspired by the Schweinshaxe, or pork knuckle, I ate when I was last in Germany, a couple of years ago".

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German Potatoes Thought I'd share a simple little recipe for homemade German Potatoes. It is such great comfort food. It goes with steak, brisket, pot roast or your favorite hearty dish. You will need: 5 lbs of potatoes (thinly sliced) 15 oz of Worcestershire sauce I Onion (diced) 1 lb of Bacon (cut up) Cook in a stock pot for 3 hours on medium heat. Stir every 15 minutes.

German Food Recipes + Where to shop for Ingredients

Apple German Pancakes with Brown Sugar Buttermilk Syrup | Apple chips, powdered milk, and flour are the basis for this recipe, perfect for a delicious breakfast that's a little out of the ordinary. | Food Storage Recipes

German-Style Crisp Potato Pancakes from Another of my favorite recipes from the Sunset International Cookbook. The original recipe called for peeled and chopped raw potatoes but I've never had good luck using raw potatoes for this recipe. Therefore my adaptation is to use leftover cooked (mashed) potatoes. Can be served as a main meal sidedish or for breakfast.

Schnitzel - my husband made Schnitzel with German red cabbage just this week - he has the recipe in his head but I want one for my Food Board.