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Guess who's learning about moles in chemistry...?? Meeee :) Guess who doesn't understand moles in chemistry?? Meeee :)

Research Report: When Nerds Attack … Macaroni and Cheese Edition I don't have a food board, but this probably qualifies as geekery. I LOVE the crunchy bits!

Slo Mo #20 - bead chain experiment Mesmerizing!

ThinkGeek :: Big Bang Theory Clue I want this--but who to play with?

#R³bot one by Marco Fernandes This robot looks like a hunter/seeker.

#R³bot eight by Marco Fernandes Sweet character made out of trashed electronics.

Experiments in Character Design Fluorine - I think this is my favorite character. Fluorine would be a nasty person indeed.

Experiments in Character Design Helium, personified. We use GHe in bulk at work. See the rest of the elements at the link.

Stratolaunch, the World's Largest Plane Way cool method of getting to space. (Popular Mechanics)

LEGO MBA (Master Builder Academy) kits. (PopSci) The only MBA I want!

Math Symbol Cufflinks I don't wear french cuffed shirts often enough for these to be worth it, but they're still awesome!

Desktop Bulldozer I need a desk full of this type of office machinery!

Equations Tie For dressy geek occasions, this just might be the perfect tie.

I want a 3-D printer in the worst way!

For the science geek in your life--11 surefire gifts. This is aerogel, the least dense solid ever made.