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Team Building Exercises - Free Ice Breakers and Team Building Games

Bestseller Books Online Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results in Just 15 Minutes Brian Cole Miller $11.4

This is a collection of 35 different Brain Breaks for the classroom. These can be used as transitions, breaks in the middle of an activity, somethi...

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Several station ideas for the 100th Day of School. This 100 Cup structure would be a great collaborative activity and so much fun for the students. #100thDayofSchool

Joyful Learning In KC: The 100th Day!!

A set of 10 fun teambuilding activities for the first days of school! Students will be making goals, meeting friends, exploring the classroom and even making a baseball card. Perfect for a sports theme classroom!

Building a classroom community through teambuilding

Tales of a 6th Grade Classroom

Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding Activities | Trainers Warehouse Blog

10 Fun Team-Building Activities For Kids - I have done the hula hoop one many times and it is fun for kids and teachers.

10 Fun Team-Building Activities For Kids | ACTIVE

This is a collection of quick teambuilding activities and brain breaks for the classroom. They range in time from 2-10 minutes. Some of the teamb...

Great Activity to do with older kids (I first did it in Gr.12 Outdoor Ed.)--Everyone in the group has to keep 2 fingers on the tent pole at all times. The goal is to bring the pole off the ground to a certain height without anyone taking their fingers off the pole. (Could go from a certain height then to the ground.) If someone's finger comes off, the group must re-start. TEAMWORK

We will be playing cow pat challenge One girl is the cowdog and needs to get the rest of her six (cows) across the field without stepping in a cow pat. They are all blindfolded. The cowdog can can say 'bark' for go forward, 'grrrr' for stop and 'woof' for turn. The cow pats are paper plates scattered across the hall. For each cow she gets across a point is awarded.

Me On The Map... another way of doing this cute activity!

Our Version of Me-On-The-Map - Creekside Learning

Me on the Map Circle Book! A great way to teach your students about geography and where they live!

Me on the Map Circle Book

fractions booklet and other fraction activities. This would be a great fraction book for kids to make and reference.

A guide made to help teachers utilize Twitter effectively for the classroom. I believe this could be very useful as many secondary education students are using social media outlets, with Twitter being one of the largest, and this is an easy way to reach students.

An entire unit on how to use Interactive Student Notebooks (ISNs) in the classroom. Seems like a great way to encourage student engagement during note taking. Also a great way to assess learning.

School Help: A Teacher and Tutor eGuide to Help the Older Student with Limited Word Reading Fluency

Here are seventeen reading fluency drills using commonly confused words and related phrases. Students write the date and time on the chart below e...