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10 Ways To Tell If You're Too Obsessed With Your Friends

The cutest moment in Disney history! This has made me decide my son's nursery will be Dumbo themed :)

[MP3] Dumbo Gets Mad: “Plumy Tale”

8 Disney Princesses as Tattooed Pinup Girls! ( + Alice and Tinkerbell )

This is just really cute!

How to Train Your #Dragon #cupcakes! #Toothless

Ridiculously Cute How To Train Your Dragon Cupcakes

toothless and hicup

TOOTHLESS PAINT2 copy by lightmega777 on deviantART

Ohana means family. A minimalist poster based on the movie Lilo Stitch

my sister is my better half. she has kept me grounded and kind. Without her i wouldn't be the best me I can be! truly blessed to have her in my life!

HA - This is me!! Now I have the stars to blame instead of myself!!

Keep Moving Forward- Walt Disney

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I take astrology with a grain of salt but this Aquarius quote is true. I don't really know about energy but I love to observe people, try to figure em' out, I've been doing so for years without realizing it. People who love to put on airs, not only should stay away from Aquarius but, should avoid all quiet people. They observe behavior too:)

Aquarius will never get into trouble for lying. It's their honesty that does it.

They're chaotic, rebellious, and unpredictable but will usually act with rationality. Anything they do is rational to them. They are lively although sometimes they may look tired. They are honest, loyal, and friendly by nature. They are very independent in their thinking and will only accept advice and opinions on their own terms. Their personality is one of the hardest to truly define.

There's a difference between a wedding and a marriage. Make sure you want a husband and a life together, not just a diamond and a party.