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Digital Marketing Strategies

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How to Setup Your Brand New Pinterest Business Page (Jeff Bullas)

5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page Engagement with Fans: Jeff Bullas-always solid tips, strategy, and here's another one

Lee Oden's first book "Optimize" is now published..all about the intersection of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing to attract, engage and inspire your customers. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble -

While Twitter is a brilliant tool, it should not be the entirety of your marketing strategy. #infographic

20 Compelling Reasons to Spend Less Time on Facebook and More Time on LinkedIn via @Jason Falls

Social Media Marketing, Google Post, Blog Post, Benefits Google, Media Infographic, Content Marketing, Socialmedia, Create Google, Content Options

22 Compelling Content Ideas When You Don't Have a Clue (that would encompass many, many people ;)

What Your Klout Score Really Means (more than you think) Wired Mag

Everything you need to know about content marketing, great #infographic

How to get more likes on Facebook (humor and tactics)

Reality Check: The survey of executives who have final say or significant input on social business strategy found that only 27% listed social business as a top strategic priority. Nearly half (47%) admitted a social plan was necessary but not a strategic priority and 19% said social business strategy was simply not necessary (Nichole Kelly)

The Incredible #Facebook Economy (cool #infographic)

The Incredible Facebook Economy | Facebook Topic

Young people switch media a lot says @adage (duh).

Dreams Business, Job Search, Career Change, 2014 Work, Job 2014, Moving Change, Work Dreams, Spring Cleaning, Career Job

The 7 Biggest (Facebook) Fan Page Marketing Mistakes (excellent piece by Brian Carter)

Read all about it! Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 Billion!

Baseball's digital revolution-how MLB subsidiary is leading the way w/live streaming, digital highlights. Digital data 24/7!

Kotex Sparks Nearly 700,000 Impressions with Pinterest Campaign (showing the potential of Pinterest for Brands)

How to Make Sharing From Your Site Easy Peasy

Bounce rate: demystified

7 Reasons Your Content Marketing Needs a Brand Journalist (all so true)

How Retailers Can Build Pinterest in Their Brands