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Old charity ads

A selection of old press ads and posters for charities, political parties and pressure groups. Each includes publication date where known. Please follow for regular updates. If you like these, you might like my blog - And I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on them, so feel free to click on the like button, re-pin or even go crazy and add a comment. Thanks in advance.

Salvation Army. 1930s

Salvation Army. 1923

Oxfam. 16 April, 1965.

Oxfam (leaflet). 1980.

Working Men's Belgian Fund. 4 May, 1917.

Bible Society. 4 May, 1917

Save the Children Fund. 25 November, 1921

Save the Children Fund. 21 September, 1923.

Leeds Infirmary. 15 December, 1926.

Barnardo's. 15 December, 1926

The Church Army. 15 December, 1926

Yorkshire Cancer Campaign. 15 December, 1926

French Red Cross. 6 July, 1915.

Lakenheath Fire. 19 September, 1741

Royal British Legion. 28 June, 1945.

NSPCC. 7 May, 1947.

Children's Society. 20 February, 1952.

Imperial Trans-Antarctic Exhibition (Ernest Shackleton). 29 June. 1914.

Bart's Hospital. 30 October, 1919

Royal British Legion. 28th October, 1937.

Royal British Legion. 2 November, 1935.

Save the Children Fund. 13 April, 1922.

Save the Children Fund. 2 December, 1921.

Scottish National Institution for War Blinded. 26 June, 1950.