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Hampton Roads History

Stories and images from the Daily Press explore 400 years of history in Hampton Roads, the oldest permanent continuous English-speaking region in America.

Pictures: The first time English settlers encountered a Chesapeake Bay log canoe, they knew a good thing when they saw it. Here's a preview of my Sunday story on a new exhibit that explores the history of the iconic craft. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures & Text: Lincoln's black legion shows its mettle in the milestone Civil War Battle of New Market Heights, winning 14 Medals of Honor. Every regiment had been raised or trained, recruited and operated in Hampton Roads. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures: Remembering the landmark Back River Lighthouse on the anniversary of its Sept. 26, 1956 destruction by the wind and waves of Hurricane Flossy. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Like many other places in Virginia during the Civil War, most records of Warwick County's past had been reduced to ashes. But a new marker celebrates the discovery of family papers describing a forgotten plantation. -- Mark St. John Erickson

New marker celebrates rediscovery of Newport News' lost past

Pictures: Hampton Roads boasts a long list of lost architectural landmarks going back to the first large buildings erected in 18th-century Williamsburg. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures: Lost landmark buildings of Hampton Roads

Pictures: Olde Wythe celebrates its storied past with a new history book that extends its earlier volume of pictures with new text. -- Mark St. John Erickson

A landmark Newport News structure burned in a spectacular 1915 fire that scorched the city's working waterfront. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures: Newport News Shipbuilding launched the landmark passenger liner SS America 75 years ago, drawing international attention for what was then the largest merchant ship ever built in America. -- Mark St. John Erickson

No one who works for Colonial Williamsburg’s vast and perpetually busy collections department signs up for the job because they think it will be easy. But a new materials analysis lab is helping them unravel the secrets of the 1700s. -- Mark St. John Erickson

New CW conservation lab unravels secrets of the 1700s

No one who knows the history of the Civil War needs to be reminded of the Siege of Petersburg's importance. But with the 150th anniversary of the brutal 10-month struggle in which the Union finally brought the Confederacy to its knees, the sacred ground where the future of the United States was decided is getting a new wave of attention. Here's a pictorial guide to the town and battlefield, which I explore in a travel story running this Sunday. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures: The Civil War Siege of Petersburg remembered

Hampton Roads History heads south to explore the ancient legacy of Peru. With photo gallery. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Hampton Roads History heads south to explore ancient Peru

Thousands fled the yellow fever scare on the Peninsula after an outbreak at the Old Solders' Home 115 years ago. Mark St. John Erickson

Thousands fled 1899 yellow fever scare on the Peninsula

Williamsburg dig unearths new clues on pioneering 1700s black school. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Hampton Roads has been the backdrop for many pioneering events in military aviation stretching back to the first balloon flights of July and August 1861 during the Civil War. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Even in a town that archaeologists have probed countless times since 1930, few places have been dug over as many times as the landmark compound that makes up the historic colonial campus at the College of William and Mary. Here's the latest from the Wren Building dig. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Historic 1600s Jamestown church tower may have dodged cold-weather wrecking ball. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures & post: Landmark digs made historic Hampton Roads an archaeological mecca. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Landmark digs made historic Hampton Roads an archaeological mecca

Historic Jamestowne artifacts open revealing window into the world of Pocahontas. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Archaeologists open new trench in search for Hampton's landmark Civil War refugee slave village, adding to the number of unexpectedly promising features. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures: German U-boat brought Battle of the Atlantic to Hampton Roads with spectacular mine attacks on June 15-17, 1942. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Jamestown archaeologists probe for signs of larger early English settlement outside the historic 1607 fort. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Pictures: A brave new world of airplanes and airships filled the sky over Hampton Roads for the June 11, 1920 opening of Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory's first pioneering wind tunnel. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Three legendary Newport News carriers stem the Japanese tide in the June 4-7, 1942 Battle of Midway. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Archaeologists unearth promising finds in search for Hampton's historic Civil War contraband camp -- Mark St. John Erickson

When Theodore Roosevelt came to Hampton Roads on May 30, 1906, America's first modern president cut a striking figure. -- Mark St. John Erickson

Theodore Roosevelt comes to Hampton Roads