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46 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Leave on the porch on Halloween if you're out trick-or-treating with your kids. What a great idea!

Mummy door made with white streamers and giant construction paper eyes. So easy and so amazing looking! I am so doing this with the boys :-)

What happens when you put Jello inside of straws? JELLO WORMS! You rubber band the straws together. Pour the jello mixture in the straws. The liquid will fill the straws and around the outer straw. Place it in the fridge until it gelled. Pull out the clump of banded straws. Run warm water over the straws for about 5 seconds, and the fabulously disgusting life like worms slide out! So gross but boys will LOVE it!

Instead of candles use glow sticks! Must remember this for next year with our pumpkins. Awesome!

Something to remember for future years! Perfect for a class party -- INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED MANDARIN ORANGE CUPS & A PERMANENT MARKER

Halloween Polka Dot Cupcakes - choc frosting w/ orange reeses pieces and orange frosting with the brown pieces