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Buffets and table settings

Some buffets and table settings I've worked on, and some that I've clipped that inspire me.

French Buffet in Gold.

Fresh fruits and tropical flowers line the center of a wooden picnic table, serving as edible centerpieces!

Guests are offered delicious crusty baguettes, a selection of French cheeses and fresh fruit presented on a natural wood serving table.

Ice, shrimp, cala lilies and carolers at christmas holiday

Modern Christmas Holiday table with smart catering event manager; ahem...if I do say so myself.

Contemporary Cheese Buffet


Christmas lights under the snow!

Turn your beer bottles into glass cups! (5 easy steps) After too much micro food the biggest requests we are getting is pub food. While I wouldn't use these for glasses...I would use them for vases or bar ware .

SImple pretty Mexican appetizer buffet

Post Wedding Breakfast Party

Sunflower and Summer served dinner table.

Taco Station at Pasadena Kidspace Event