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True story of a proud police wife!!❤❤

It's that simple. I try to do this and things may get in the way and I may forget that school is still very important. but one said its impossible to balance both of these your own way.

This will always remind me of my old good friend from Hoover who wrote this in the scrapbook she and some friends made me as my going away gift. A lovely memory from my past that'll always be apart of who I am.

Daily Mom » How to Raise a Gentleman

I need to keep this posted where I can see it every day.

New Book Series Helps Parents & Dentists Improve Children's Oral Health!

I highly recommend this site - "Poor Girl Eats Well - How to eat ridiculously well on a miniscule budget". PIN IMMEDIATELY. Read at later date.

How To Shop For Groceries With $50.00 (2 adults& 2 children). Meal plans, grocery lists and lots of frugal ideas. Pin now, read later for ideas...

Paying off the mortgage early! I already knew these ideas, but seeing it applied to real numbers is very eye opening!

18 Potty Training Tips and Tricks!

35 things you will never see again... but you'll want to tell your kids about -- this is SPOT ON. you have to look at this

How to feed a family of 6 on $200 a month, with example menus, shopping lists and amount spent on each item.- I thought I was doing good with $400 a month!

Tips for Young Adults to Build Wealth by Dave Ramsey - pinning now and reading later

If there's going to be another me in the world I will definitely need this