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Vintage Department Store

vintage retail store [p grocery store?

Sommaire - Page Pute

Tea Rooms were extremely popular in the US in the first half of the 20th century. Most were owned and patronized by women. In the 1920s a tea room was a fashionable place for women to meet friends. They did not only serve tea and cakes like those in Paris, but specialized in “lady’s food” such as fancy salads, dainty sandwiches and yummy desserts. These tea rooms could be located in anywhere from a small house to a large department store or hotel. They were nicely decorated and offered a “coz...

1921 vintage photo of department store.

After Hours photo


Dayton's Department Store Minneapolis, MN

Santa Claus Advertising Figure. I remember seeing it at the old Gibson's and Mark's Department Stores back home.

vintage photo Sales Lady Department Store by maclancy on Etsy

MARSHALL FIELDS--CHICAGO-This is a great depiction of the famous Marshall Field's Department store @ Christmas.. -Vintage treat!! Many many fond memories of decades gone by..

Vintage infographic / visualization, How a department stores works - c1950

Vintage Infodesign [18] | Visual Loop

Photos 42 Vintage 1950s 1960s B 8x10 Department Store Window Display Mannequin

Not only were we naively unaware those department store Santas might be a little pervy, we smoked cigarettes with the jolly old guy.

Vintage picture of a Tabu window display at Saks Fifth Avenue

Vintage 1950's Department Store Santa Bronx, NY

Vintage cash register, Goldmann's Department Store, Milwaukee, WI, via Flickr.

The Modern Department Store. Wonderful font on this 30s matchbook.

Vintage fiberglass Santa in front of Department store.

Vintage department store Christmas windows - Bing Images

Elevator 'girls' at Marshall Fields department store, Chicago, Illinois, 1947 ... yes, once upon a time there were actually people who ran elevators in just about every building. When they realized we were all smart enough to push the buttons ourselves ..... boom! Jobs lost! :-) See, it's not all about government. Sometimes jobs just disappear for logical cost-cutting reasons.

The jam packed crowd at a Woolworth’s location in 1955. I always love vintage department store and supermarket images like this - I can't help but daydream wistfully about the days when (more) people still dressed elegantly while doing daily errands like grocery shopping. #supermarket #grocery #store #crowd #vintage #homemaker #housewife #shopping #food

Department Store Christmas : 1955

13 1944 Newberrys Store Interior Exterior Photo Negatives | eBay


13 1944 Newberrys Store Interior Exterior Photo Negatives | eBay

Some of the records that are visible include albums by Wanderin' Mark Dinning, Brazen Brass, and the soundtrack to GiGi. You could purchase jazz, country and western and Rock 'N Roll LPs and 7" kiddie records. Pop hits were 88¢ per 45. I think there's even a rack of ViewMaster reels on the right side of the photo. The Boston Store was a retail department store located at 718 State Street in Erie, PA. The building still stands and is on the National Register of Historic Places.