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Gram Parsons....Grievous Angel. I remember him a little from the early 70's. I am "re-discovering" his music. He was pretty much the founder of Country-rock music.

Emmylou Harris. I am a fan.

James Spader. I wonder what he's doing now. I haven't seen him in a movie for awhile. I thought he was a hottie.....

kristen scott thomas. She seems classy. I saw her name and liked it so much I named my daughter Kristen.

Hot dang....Curtis Stone. He had a show on TLC that I've haven't watched for awhile. But, yes, I do find him interesting!

sean his accent and most of the movies I've seen of his, even as Indiana Jones' father, Henry. Many feminists may not like his James Bond but he is (in my opinion) the best Bond ever.

Hugh Dancy...British actor. I don't know much about him but he's good-looking and that interests me..;-)