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DIY SkiBall. Would be fun for the kids to play while camping.

What old hands can make... a pipe ball game! - HOME SWEET HOME

At last! A good acronym for bored!

I Lift Heavy Things: It's coming.. "I'm Bored!"

33 Activities under $10 that will keep your kids busy all summer!

Best 18th Birthday Present

Best 18th Birthday Present


160 Summer Fun List IDEAS

Must do this!!! Starting at age 3, every year on their birthday you ask the same questions and see how their answers change over the years! Add a pic and make a book out of it. 20 questions* : answered by Morgan 1. What is your favorite color? 2. What is your favorite toy? 3. What is your favorite fruit? 4. What is your favorite tv show? 5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? 6. What is your favorite outfit? 7. What is your favorite game? 8. What is your favorite snack? 9....

Questions to help you write your own personal history. This is so neat. I would love to answer all these questions for my kids to have someday.

Tips For a Great Day at the Beach With Kids | Burlap Denim

50 Things to Do with Kids in Chicago Before They Grow Up

100 days of summer bucket list : packed full of ideas for things to do with the kids to keep playing and learning all summer long.

www.stay-a-stay-a... 101 Almost Free Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Put it on your fridge & start checking them off! What a great resource for us when we are "bored" around the house! Might use them as a date list as well

30 for 30 Challenge {June}: 30 Minutes of Playing WITH Your Kids for 30 Days! (This site has a lot of activity ideas for this challenge.. starting as young as infant and up)

This useful chart can be used to show students the difference between showing details in their writing and telling about something.

Parents of girls, take note. A small spray bottle with 2 TBSP of fabric softener, the rest water = Doll Hairspray. Easy method for smoothing and renewing any dolls hair including Barbie! (Wouldve been nice to know!)