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e. Whether you’re married, single, or it’s complicated, there are some important points to keep in mind when it comes to matters of the heart.

Happily ever after? Not so much.

2. I hope this is the day you love each other the least.

5 things about love I tell couples on their wedding day

When we operate within God’s design and plan, we gain that heart of wisdom spoken of in the psalm. Our days are short—don’t waste them in conflict stemming from pettiness, selfishness, or laziness. Make every day count.

Marriage: Counting the days or making every day count?

While that last day may well be the most painful day of your life, there are ways to make it worth living.

Why Do We Talk About Sex So Much In Real Marriage?

The Secret To Fulfilling Sex

The Hope Amidst Porn In A Marriage

Sin, Sex, And Shalom

Do You Understand Your Wife’s Hair?

Real Marriage Sermon: New Marriage, Same Spouse

New Marriage, Same Spouse